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“Before speaking with Kevin I had no idea what a TFRA was? I was always told the only way to save for retirement was with my 401k and investing. Well after watching my savings dwindle with the latest market crash I decided to look into alternatives. Boy was I happy I found Kevin and KJN Advisors! Kevin showed me, with real numbers, how a TFRA account works compared to what I had been doing previously and was able to increase my retirement income significantly! Now I don’t ever have to worry about losing my money when the market goes down! I truly appreciate what Kevin was able to do for me. Anyone looking to get off the 401k roller coaster and increase their retirement should talk to him.”

Deborah B.

“I am extremely happy with the services provided by KJN Advisors. Kevin helped increase my retirement income by over 50% by implementing a Tax-Free Retirement Account strategy. He was knowledgeable, professional, and always available to answer my questions and concerns. I highly recommend KJN Advisors to anyone looking to optimize their retirement plan.”

Harold C.

“Kevin has been a god send! My husband and I were late to the game getting life insurance and once we started the journey, we already had some health issues which made it seem what I felt was impossible to get coverage.  We were concerned about what would happen if god forbid anything happened to either one of us. What would the other one do, what would happen to our kids? We worked with a few other brokers who either told us it was hopeless, or wanted us to lie about things to get coverage.  We weren't willing to do that.  I was given Kevin's contact through my stepdad who raved about how nice of a guy Kevin was and how helpful he is! I figured, what do I have to lose?  I called Kevin, he drove out to our house to meet with us and get the ball rolling.  He told us our options and that he wasn't going to stop until he got us coverage and peace of mind for our family.  I could tell he genuinely cared about us after our first few interactions.  He worked hard and kept us updated as we navigated our way to getting life insurance coverage for both my husband and I.  To say I highly recommend him, is an understatement.  He explains things and sticks with you throughout the entire journey.  He has the best personality and the utmost enthusiasm!  You can tell he truly wants to help people.   Kevin has been a blessing to our family. We can all sleep at night knowing we are covered if the unimaginable happens.”

Robin O.

"Before working with Kevin, I had a vague understanding of what a TFRA was. I thought the only way to save for my retirement was to build up my 401k. Kevin walked me through both the pros and cons of 401k's and TFRA's. This clarity has been HUGE in helping me make informed decisions about my retirement savings. Thanks to his guidance, I now have a clear roadmap for saving money wisely, and I'm confident in my understanding of TFRA. If you're looking for a company that genuinely cares about your financial future and provides exceptional guidance, KJN Advisors is the one to trust. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking to take control of their finances and secure a brighter financial future!"

Brett G.

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